PlayNice has noticed a change in relations and behaviors by the Dutch game industry in online environments. Some of these interactions could be viewed as unpleasant and immature. Whereas some are public and visible, there is also human interaction that takes place outside of the public eye. PlayNice wonders if there is a connection between public and private and online and offline behavior.

We want to find out if there is a correlation between what can be read online and what happens in day to day live for people that work in the Dutch game industry. Therefore, we invite them to share their stories and feelings, good and bad. This way we hope to get a good overview of how pleasant the Dutch game industry is for all of us or if it is less happy place for some. Depending on the stories that are being shared, we will take further steps to improve our industry, if needed.

PlayNice wants to contribute to a healthy and pleasant culture in the Dutch game industry. Because we love our industry, because we’ve always considered it to be very open and friendly and because people should be able to pursue their passions and dreams.

If you would like to get in contact with us, for example, to commit your company, organisation or yourself to PlayNice, you can find us at info@playnice.nl!