Stories by Dutch game industry professionals

Here you will read about experiences people in the Dutch game industry have had, so we can all understand how that made them feel. If it made someone feel bad about themselves, which usually was not intended, we can start reflecting on that. If it was good, it should happen more often! And, if you want to know more about PlayNice, please check out the About section.

Example 2: At GDC, this guy came up to me, every time he saw me. He’d start an awkward conversation, often by giving me a compliment, and I couldn’t really tell what he wanted but I guessed he was hitting on me. During the 7th time he came up to me, I mentioned that I […]

Example 1: I was doing an internship with a gamecompany. Instead of making me feel at home, they kept joking about my clothes and hairstyle. It was ok at first, but after some time, it became a running gag and I didn’t feel like I could be myself, nor try something new, since I’d be […]